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by Darren Stephen


It’s been awhile since i last used a nicrowave to cook or heat up anything . Actually i tricked my Wife into throwing the MICROWAVE out. This is how it happened one day while she was cooking she needed to defrost something i so i s. She said the microwave juststop working all of a sudden so now it looks like you have to fix ( cause she knows im allways fixing something ). So i took a look at it tested it out nothing so im like this has to go its not working illl have to buy you a new one when i go to the store. I actually threw it out and come to find out it was just the power its was connected to a gfi which had tripped all i had to do was reset it wow! The thing is ive been trying to get rid of that microwave for a while now but i had to convince her. we talked about it a she astuelly convinced me to get a small toaster oven which works like a champ .
i r The reason for me telling this story is because microwaves are no good for our bodies and our food IT DESTROYS YOUR FOOD and it give you radiation through the food you eat all the water droplets goes into it. As if the food we eat is not bad enough we have to kill it more besause we are lazy at times.
The BEST way to heat your food up is on the stove top or oven.

Also there are a lot of (GMO) vegetables and fruits now you don’t know what your eating??? All your suppose to be vegetable oils are no good for you cause its full of SOY (they make plastic with soy so its hard to break down in your body).

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